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Our sister company Prima Solutions Diagnostics unique performance blood testing facility gives all HDFM athletes the opportunity to monitor strength and performance through our exclusive blood testing service .

Prima blood testing is available to the general public/ everyday gym goer, and is available in a simple home testing kit which will be delivered straight to your door. Once you have returned your sample test results are available on our website with diet and lifestyle recommendations. follow the link blood testing above for more information.


Resident Nutritionist Jamie Caruthers MSc, PGCE, CSCS (*D), CISSN, IOC PG DIP, senior fellow Higher Education Academy and Mathew Roberts MSc resident nutrition experts available to all HDFM athletes with expert advice in and out of fight camp.All athletes can expect to have the support of HDFM experts in and out of camp for all aspects of their training and diet.


NEUROPTIMAX PRO Created by HD experts NEUROPTIMAX PRO is a blend of amino acids, vitamins with minerals scientifically formulated to support brain health and performance. NEUROPTIMAX PRO contains only the highest grade of ingredients, available to all HDFM athletes.


Hypnosis is now an integral part of the fighters camp where a 6 to 8 week hypnosis plan is used to enhance training, build strength, focus, confidence and reduce anxiety leading up to competition . Hypnosis carried out not only helps the fighter during fight camp but will also have a positive effect on the individual for many years to come.