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What is the UKMMAF?

UKMMAF As Official partners of the UKMMAF (United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation) Heavy Duty work closely with the federation to nurture new talent. Heavy Duty is the only company to have the UKMMAF seal of approval.

Will I be considered

If you are a talented fighter we will always have a look Amateur or Professional.

What countries do you work in

We manage fighters from around the world.

What do you charge for management

We charge a percentage of the purse which we will negotiate with the promotion to maximise your winnings and minimise outgoings.

Do you charge for nutritionist?

As a HDFM Fighter you will have access to nutritionist free of charge when in fight camp.

Do you charge for hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is offered free of charge to HDFM managed fighters.

What is the HDFM performance centre

HDFM work closely with Wakefield College of sport who carry out performance tests such as Vo2 Max and whingate tests which are compared against current UFC athletes fitness levels.

Which promotions do you partner

We partner and supply fighters to every major promotion on the planet, we will work with the fighter to reach their preferred promotion .

What about sponsorship

As a fighter joining HDFM media and branding of the athlete becomes paramount to attract outside sponsorship. HDFM arrange photo shoots, interviews and media appearances to build the fighters media following.

Who uses hypnotherapy in sport?

Hypnotherapy is now been accepted by the medical and psychological professions as a effective therapy for a large majority of illnesses and uses such as enhancement of the mind resulting in increased concentration, focus and skill, now utilised by athletes in all sports.

Do you have female fighters

HDFM manage both male and female fighters